WRAPS Clip & Go POD 3 Bluetooth Speaker


  • 600mAh battery.
  • Up to 8 hours of continuous use so you can enjoy your music for longer.
  • Fully charged from 0% in under 3 hours, keeping the party going.
  • Built in microphone for group chats.
  • Pair 2 together for a truly amazing sound.

Any lightweight Bluetooth speaker is good, but a wireless speaker that travels with you? Even better.

The POD Speaker is, a stylish, enviable, portable Bluetooth speaker. Deceptively powerful and offering outstanding sound qualify for its size, the WRAPS Pod 3 is the ultimate in quick access music on the go. The Clip & Go concept allows you to clip the POD to you bag, luggage or on your belt. The WRAPS Pod 3 stands out due to its TWS (True Wireless Stereo) feature. True wireless stereo allows you to pair a second POD, either by clipping next to or even attaching it to the second housing loop provided with every product.