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Premium tech products from brands such as Apple and Theragun should be part of your corporate gifting and loyalty programs.

Greenline Distribution has a long history of working in the Apple ecosystem. From presenting accessory brands in the Apple Stores, securing placement for tech brands in some of the best department stores in the world, to offering Apple products for corporate gifting and incentives.

Being involved in the Apple ecosystem has taught us is that customer experience matters. The initial unboxing of a product like Apple has that wow effect (how many of you have empty iPhone or iPad packaging still in your house?). The first time you turn on an iPhone or turn on the MacBook creates a smile and level of excitement.

And Apple products just last - the life of your Apple device carries far past most other brands.

That is why we look at Apple products as the standard for our curated assortment of brands we have in our corporate gifting portfolio.

We have seen the promotional products industry commoditize goods for the sake of volume, lowest cost, and margins for distributors. Isn’t the one of the goals of presenting a gift in a corporate setting something that has a lasting impact?

While we see so many “knock-offs” of Apple AirPods, but the impact of Apple AirPods with a company logo being part of someone’s everyday tech has a much better return on experience than a pair of generic headphones that end up in the drawer - the land of unused tech.While Apple-branded products can be out of the budget for some customers, Apple’s AirTags offer a low-cost solution with amazing real estate for customization.

Outside of Apple, we are honored to have brands in our portfolio such as Theragun, the gold standard in percussion massagers, Fujifilm instant cameras, and accessories brands like Native Union, Nomad, Function101, and TwelveSouth. Pairing best-in-class tech with for corporate gifting with premium apparel brands like Marine Layer, Vuori, Lululemon helps create gifting and branded solutions that last years with their end customers, not hours, days, or weeks.

Apple-branded products may fit not all gifting initiatives. However, consider the impact Apple and other tech premium brands can deliver for your customer experience.

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