Greenline Team Picks  for the Home Workspace

Greenline Team Picks for the Home Workspace

Staying productive and having peace of mind means having a clean and organized workspace.   The Greenline team has curated a selection of some of the best products from our brand partners to help you be productive no matter where you set up shop in the home.

Check them out below!

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Function101 BentoStack Charge 

The perfect companion to help you stay organized or charged while on the road or at your workspace!   It includes an integrated wireless charger and power bank on the top cover and can store up to 10 Apple accessories in a compact modular organizer.


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Oakywood Premium Laptop Stand

The Premium wooden laptop stand is handcrafted in solid wood and hard steel. Boost your working performance reducing your eye and neck strain, rise your laptop about 6 inches (16 cm) to an ergonomic position at an eye level. Enhance your desktop by creating more storage space and easy access keyboard & mouse. The laptop stand is made of real solid wood, finished with natural oils. The wood pores are open, which allows for an incredibly natural look and feel of the stand.!

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Twelve South Curve and Curve SE lift your MacBook while elevating your desktop style.

You use the most attractive laptop in the world, so why wouldn't you pair it with the most beautiful stand? With MacBook accessories, design matters and that's why you should place it on top of Curve. With its beautiful matte finish and improved ergonomic design, it is the ultimate partnership of style and functionality. 

Native Union Tangle-Free Style

Simply wrap up your cable with the attached leather belt to stay organized, never compromising style. Slide the belt anywhere along the cable for versatile carry.


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Sennheiser- Stay Connected.  Listen. Work. Talk. Stream

Life will always provide new challenges. Many people around the world are now adapting to a new way of living. With 75 years of experience in crafting premium audio solutions, we are committed to helping you live, work, learn, communicate, and collaborate in a world of constant change.

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